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Maybe you’re looking for “benedict cumberbatch fails” or “dancing elephants”. Find the perfect GIF to express yourself with full search just one tap away.

GIFs with Music and Audio!

Share your favorite TV show quotes or that lyric you just can't stop singing. Sometimes it just makes more sense when Beyonce says it.

Some things are just easier to say with motion.

Like how all you want is to put your head on your significant other's shoulder and maneuver your leg into something resembling a pretzel while they wrap their arms around you and then proceed to cuddle all day.

Or you could just simply send this –

The best way to collect your favorites.

See a GIF you love while browsing in Safari? Whether you’re on BuzzFeed, Reddit, Imgur, or Huffpo and you spot a GIF you love, tap it to save it straight to your keyboard for later – all without interrupting your browsing.

Works on your big screen.

Share your favorite GIFs just as easily from your iPad.

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